We will make you discover our forms and reasons: AbAdA offers you a new way of forming numbers and letters. The use of these new forms and codes will allow us to have particular motives.

Defining what a number is difficult. This difficulty is old, indeed, it is the lot of worries of all mathematicians. Until today no one can say exactly what the nature of the number is. Several conceptions of the number have been proposed at the level: religious, magical and metaphysical.

The number first had the status of « number-of », it is only afterwards that the « number-of » really became number with the birth of the idea of abstraction.

Let’s start with our DATA collection: the garment will represent  your date / month / day of birth, as well as your energy.  AbAdA’s DATA offers to make your own gri-gri while giving you a unique and original motif. More you will give us information about you, the more your drawing will be personal and will belong to you.

AbAdA’s HAND and FREEMAN: Other forms of numbering including a date of birth. ex: 10/10/2018

We invite you to discover the DATA collection, whose codification will make your clothes stand out. The reason being to protect the wearer, it is better to offer it. As they say, « We do not buy a chance »

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  1. dit :

    Merci, en espérant que la suite te plaise !


  2. BERNARD dit :

    Belle présentation, bon descriptif. Belle évolution.


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