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Toute science n’est exacte que jusqu’à preuve de son contraire

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Dear Readers, to understand the premise of the AbAdA brand, and the process through which our designs are created, one must first be acquainted with the source of the brand’s inspiration.

It has been explained that our garments are made with traditional fabrics, and the brand’s concept is inspired by ancient symbols. This blog is dedicated to informing readers and to remind them of the importance of incorporating an abstract reality into everyday life.

A symbol can consist of a drawing, an object, or even by writing. Symbols can be a representation of a message, a cultural association, a religious sign, or a social standard.

The word “symbol » originates from the greek “sumbolon », which means language of the gods. Gods intervenec in matters that included the study of mysteries, the realization of cultural objects, and the writing of sacred texts.

Many symbols exist throughout the world and they are all related to specific things. Symbolism is the identification of an element that will correspond to a specific idea.

Overall, this blog will strive to connect to the realities that surround everyday life. Whether these ideas be sacred or traditional, readers will notice that interpretations are numerous. Only a few examples will be cited, as the topic is too vast. More information is always available on external websites. The AbAdA brand will attempt to demonstrate how abstract realities are often rich in symbolism and are manipulated in many ways.

Our objective is for readers to get a sound appreciation of the concept behind the AbAdA brand in order to promote the brand’s mantra,

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