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Toute science n’est exacte que jusqu’à preuve de son contraire



Symbols from the Maghreb are very particular. They are very rich in significance, and represent a true heritage. Be they from Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia, humans have always lived in close relationship with pictograms.

As you may have seen, Africa is filled with symbolic models; But as I told you before, many of these exist in different forms or designations. Let’s take the example of those of the Berbers: their motifs are drawing on objects, weavings and each of the signs has its own strength. The symbols differ according to the tribe; this facilitates the identification of the region of the person. Their personifications illustrate the fight against the evil eye, promote fertility or are protective and healing emblems. But today, these symbols simply have an aesthetic role. Today, the Berber symbols are more often illustrated on the carpets and in the form of tattoos

In summary, symbols have always been around us. We see them everywhere. For example, any brand has its conventional logo, which is in fact a symbol, that embodies the story of it. Abada could tell you that, generally speaking, everything that represents an abstract reality is linked to our lives and that the relationship between the model, the ornament, the decoration and you form a single entity.



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