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Toute science n’est exacte que jusqu’à preuve de son contraire



With time, the use of symbols has somewhat lost itself, the meaning of the motifs and colors diminished in importance. If some do know the meaning of the colors and choose according to the drawing attached to it, for the majority of users, it is a simple matter of taste. The characters and colors have lost their senses, they are now being used blindly.

More than a century ago, the walls and fabrics are adorned with pictograms, offering several detailed scenes that illustrate not only our feelings and customs, but also and above all our societal, spiritual, or carnal questions. Let’s take the example of Africa; Conventional signs and colors are of importance that differ depending on the age of the person and the circumstances in which the motif is worn, especially for women. Some time ago, they were not entitled to express themselves as they wished, and their communication tools were a printed fabric of motifs. The fabric and the garment appeared as a channel of cultural expression. They are not random but they are thought out.

As another example, since 350 BC, the Egyptian pictograms illustrate the important moments of their lives, such as birth, marriage and death. Their signs are often referred to by an animal and an element. These motifs are carved on monuments and accompany the individual even after death. Gradually, the symbols became international, thanks to exhibitions at the museum such as the SIAO (International Handicraft Fair of Ouagadougou) or the Louvre museum.

In summary, today the patterns are used everywhere with no regard to significance. The aesthetic has become more important than the deep sense. You may have noticed that these decorating ornaments can be a non-verbal means of communication, which is likely to be used to reveal events and feelings that cannot be openly discussed. Many representations are part of our life, so knowing all this:



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